Our Purpose

Ascendant Global Leadership LLC is a leadership consulting firm specializing in individual and group leadership development.  Our mission is to develop ascendant leaders capable of conquering organizational challenges through life changing experiences.

Why have we chosen the Leadership Challenge® with the Leader Practices Inventory® and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®?

The Leadership Challenge model is a research and evidence-based program designed to enhance leadership and organizational excellence.  The result of decades of development has been the identification of specific learnable, teachable skills and behaviors common to leaders who achieve extraordinary results.  We share the belief with the Leadership Challenge team that leadership is everyone’s business.  As leadership researchers ourselves, we are confident that the Leadership Challenge tools and materials are the industry’s best now and are continually improving.

The industry-leading tool kit for developing high-performance leaders and changing lives

Organizational Needs Assessment

Individual Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Systematic process for assessing leadership gaps within an organization
  • Utilize findings for leadership improvement in individuals, groups, or organizations
  • Customizable for individual, group, or organizational needs
  • Leadership Practices Inventory and individual coaching
  • Individual leadership development reassessment

Group Leadership Development

  • Leadership Practices Inventory and group coaching
  • Small and large group leadership development workshops (1 or 2 day)
  • Encourage the Heart workshop (1 day)
  • Leadership is Everyone's Business workshop (1 day)
  • The Leadership Challenge Continues workshop (1 day)
  • The Student Leadership Challenge workshop (1 or 2 day)
  • Leadership development reassessment