“The best companies invest aggressively in
next-generation leaders. We have never met great leaders who feel they have over invested in talent."

Chris Zook, June 30, 2016,
Harvard Business Review

The Business Case for Leader Development

Leaders of organizations face challenges:
  • revenue growth
  • customer satisfaction
  • attracting and retaining talent
  • maintaining healthy trust-based organizations.

Investment in leadership development is critical to resolving these challenges.  Effective leadership results in creative innovation, improved operational efficiency, talent attraction and motivated employees who are engaged and committed. This type of leadership translates to improved customer focus and employee effort, higher performing teams, and shared organizational values and vision.
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Increase the power of your organization and improve competitiveness by including AGL in your leadership journey.  Together we can ensure your investment in leadership development will produce ascendant leaders capable of conquering organizational challenges.

Using the best leadership develpment tools guarantees success

Leadership is a set of measurable, learnable and teachable skills and behaviors.  At Ascendant Global Leadership, LLC (AGL) we use evidence-based leadership assessment and development tools, such as the Leader Practices Inventory®, that have been validated through rigorous research.  We work to increase the frequency of effective leadership skills and behaviors within the framework of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. Individual and group engagement allows our clients to improve their leadership competencies and to overcome organizational challenges. AGL brings life changing experiences to all members within your organization enriching both their professional and personal lives. And nothing is left to chance; we follow-up to ensure newly learned leadership skills and behaviors result in extraordinary outcomes.

Return on Investment 1

Return on Investment 2

Improve operational efficiencies, overall performance, and bottom-line results through enhanced collaboration and teamwork
Build a common language around what great leadership looks like

Return on Investment 3

Return on Investment 4

Create a climate of trust that fosters innovation and creativity cl

Recruit, retain, and nurture the development of key talent who are passionate, dedicated, and loyal
Heading 2

Return on Investment 5

Increase employee engagement as a result of positive workplace attitudes

Ron Siers Jr., PhD
Greg Allen, PhD
Ron Siers, PhD (Organizational Leadership) is an experienced educator, athletic coach and leadership development consultant.  Ron is a certified coach for the Leader Practices Inventory®. His personal mission is to enhance the performance of organizations by helping leaders achieve their personal best.
Greg Allen, PhD (Organizational Leadership) is a scientist and researcher who works to enable leaders to create businesses that are financially successful and socially responsible.  His personal mission is to enable leaders to find greatness in their legacy to their organizations and the planet.

Developing ascendant leaders capable of conquering organizational challenges

What can you expect as you work with Ascendant Global Leadership?

Preparation – A data-driven plan – Practice - Follow-up.  Whether we are working with a group of rising leaders or with individuals in demanding leadership positions, we push our clients to not just learn what leader behaviors produce great results but to put them into practice.  Whenever possible, we use the results of 360 feedback to create focused customized leadership improvement plans and to create a baseline against which post-training assessments will ensure that real improvements are being realized.  And we’re not ever done taking this journey with you.  We make a life-long commitment to be your partner in following the research, knowing what works and implementing a plan that will change your professional and personal life.  Together we will model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the status quo, enable others to act and encourage the hearts of others.
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